Monday, June 22, 2015

Tania Opland Leads July 8th Song Circle!

"Tania Opland - born and raised in Alaska and now often found in western Washington, in southeast Ireland, and on the road - has recorded four solo albums to date, to excellent reviews in acoustic music magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. She also has a duo album with her husband/music partner Mike Freeman, and two collaborations with Freeman and award-winning author Anne McCaffrey.

Opland's repertoire starts from a base in the traditional musics of North America and the British Isles, spreads through most of Northern Europe and touches on other cultures around the globe. Her array of musical instruments includes an unusual five-string violin/viola, cittern (or octave mandolin), hammered dulcimer, ocarina and hurdy-gurdy, along with more common instruments such as guitar, recorder, and, of course, voice. 

Tania Opland has been touring and recording for three decades, and has appeared on radio and television in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Uzbekistan, Scotland, Ireland and England."