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2015 - Port Townsend Sing Shanties Song Circle

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January 14th (2nd Wednesday) Song Leader - Wayne Palsson - Location: NWMC

Thank you to our 2015 Sponsors!

2014 - Port Townsend Sing Shanties Song Circle

Check our schedule and locations below for our 2014 FREE, family-friendly Sing Shanties Song Circle in Port Townsend, Washington:

Thank you to the Northwest Maritime Center for sponsoring our Song Circles in 2014 - We will be meeting at the Northwest Maritime Center. The location of our Song Circle will be in the upstairs Maritime Meeting Room - West, which is directly across from the NWMC offices, library and restrooms.

Since song circle times bridge the typical "dinner hour", you are encouraged to bring a brown bag snack, take-out... something to satisfy your dinnertime appetite. As always coffee, tea and cookies are provided.

Song Circles at the NWMC on Water Street near Point Hudson Marina

From 6:00-8:00 p.m. participate in the Song Circle. Each song circle has a leader. You can sing a song, request a song, or pass. Our motto is "Singin' is encouraged, but knot required." Play an instrument? Bring it along -  guitar, fiddle, pipe, drum.... Everyone is invited - all ages welcome. This is a FREE family-friendly event.

Save These Dates! Additional Dates May be added, so please check back.

February 6 (1st Thursday) Song Circle Leader - The Shifty Sailors - Location: NWMC

May 14 (2nd Wednesday) Song Circle Leader - Wayne Palsson - Location: NWMC

July 9 (2nd Wednesday) Song Circle - Mike James - Location: NWMC

August 13 (2nd Wednesday) Song Circle Leader - JW Sparrow - Location: NWMC

September 5-6 - WBF "Chantey Sing" hosted by Wayne Palsson. Location: the Marina Room at Port Hudson Marina during the Wooden Boat Festival (check schedule for time)

October 8 (2nd Wednesday) Song Circle Leader - Mark Olson. Location: NWMC

November 12 (2nd Wednesday) Song Circle Leader - The Whateverly Brothers - Location: NWMC

December 10 (2nd Wednesday) Song Leader: Dano Quinn Location: NWMC

Song Circles at the Port Townsend Pizza Factory on Water Street - January, March, April, and the Cellar Door on June 11, 2014.

Because many of you enjoy meeting monthly, Mike James is hosting more shanty sings through April on the second Wednesday of the month when we are not meeting at the Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC). The sponsor and location for those free, family-friendly song circles is The Port Townsend Pizza Factory, near the ferry terminal on Water Street and the Cellar Door on Tyler Street, from 6-8 p.m. Get a bite to eat and something refreshing to drink.

Dates: January 8, Mar 12, April 9, and June 11.

All Song Circle Dates & Locations

Jan. 8 PF
May 14 MC
 Sep. (WBF)
 Feb. 6 MC 
Jun. 11 CD
Oct. 8 MC
Mar. 12 PF
Jul. 9 MC
 Nov. 12 MC
Apr. 9 PF
Aug. 13 MC

Dec. 10 MC
If you would like your name to our email list for updates, please email us at singshanties(at)gmail(dot)com.



2013 - Port Townsend Sing Shanties Song Circle

In 2013, our Sing Shanties Song Circle alternates meeting at two different locations in Port Townsend. Jan, March, May,  and July we gather at the Cotton Building located at 607 Water Street in downtown Port Townsend, next to Pope Marine Park and across from City Hall.

 February, April, June, August, October, November and December we gather at the Port Townsend Community Center located at 620 Tyler Street in Uptown Port Townsend off Lawrence, between Taylor and Tyler streets.

We do not have a Sing Shanties Song Circle in September, as we encourage all shanty enthusiasts to support and attend the two shanty sings held in the Marina Room at Port Hudson, both Friday and Saturday nights during the Wooden Boat Festival*. 

January Song Circle Leader - Mike James  - Celebrating our 1st Year Anniversary! - Cotton Building
February Song Circle Leader - Wayne Palsson (from Northwest Seaport, Seattle) - Community Center
March Song Circle Leader - Tugboat Bromberg - Cotton Building
April Song Circle Leader - Mark Olson - Community Center
May Song Circle Leader - The Shifty Sailors - Cotton Building
June Song Circle Leader - Helen Gilbert - Community Center
July Song Circle Leader - Mark Olson - Theme: Singin' Shanties Aboard American Tall Ships - Cotton Building
August Song Circle Leaders - Matthew Orr - Community Center
September - No Sing Shanties Song Circle. We encourage you to participate in one or both scheduled, Friday and Saturday at the *WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL, September 6 and 7.
October Song Circle Leader - John Sparrow - Community Center
November Song Circle Leader - Dan Roberts - Community Center
December Song Circle Leader - Dano Quinn (from Seattle) - Community Center

Jan. 3
May 2
Sep. 5
Feb. 7
Jun. 6
Oct. 3 
Mar. 7
Jul. 4
Nov. 7
Apr. 4
Aug. 1


Dec. 5



2012 Port Townsend Sing Shanties Song Circle

January through October (except in September during the Wooden Boat Festival) we gather at the NW Maritime Center located at 431 Water Street in Port Townsend, WA. November and December we gather at the Port Townsend Community Center located at 620 Tyler Street in Uptown Port Townsend on Lawrence, between Taylor and Tyler streets.

For more information or to have your email address added for monthly updates, email: singshanties[at]gmail [dot]com. Look for signs posted around the Maritime Center to lead the way to our gathering space, which may change from time to time. Save these dates on your calendar for 2012:

January's Song Circle Leader - Mike James
February's Song Circle Leader - Mike James
March's Song Circle Leader - Tugboat Bromberg
April's Song Circle Leader - The Shifty Sailors
May's Song Circle Leader - Helen Gilbert
June's Song Circle Leader - Wayne Palsson
July's Song Circle Leader - Mark Olson
August's Song Circle Leaders - The Shifty Sailors
September - No Sing Shanties Song Circle. We encourage you to participate in one or both scheduled, Friday and Saturday at the WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL, September 7 and 8. 
October's Song Circle Leader - Tugboat Bromberg
November's Song Circle Leader - Mark Olson, Uptown Community Center
December's Song Circle Leader - Dano Quinn, Uptown Community Center

Jan. 5
May 3
Sep. 6
Feb. 2
Jun. 7
Oct. 4 
Mar. 1
Jul. 5
Nov. 1
Apr. 5
Aug. 2

2012 Sponsors
Dec. 6

Northwest Maritime Center
Crossroads Music
Friends of the Arts

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PDN Article: Sea Shanty Sing-Along Set Thursday

Stephen Gottlieb Lewis 1942-2011 – “Lewis doesn’t think the shanty tradition will disappear, as there are several song circles and events like the Wooden Boat Festival that keep the tradition alive.” PDN