Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shanties at the Wooden Boat Festival

Did you make it to the stage during the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival last week? For those that didn't here are a few snapshots of Saturday's line up. Our very own stars Mike and Val James opened the show (well.... they did for me anyway), followed by the comedic antics of the Whateverly Brothers and then a fab performance by Tom Lewis.

By far the best moment of the afternoon had to be when the Whateverly Brothers began singing Tom's song "Sailor's Prayer", only to have Tom at that very moment appear by the side of the stage!

It's rumored that a certain well known pirate was on stage Friday and Sunday too, but he managed to evade my camera.

Our own Mike and Val James

The Whateverly Brothers, Always a fun show!

Tom Lewis joined the Whateverly Brothers on stage

"If we ever need a fourth Whateverly Brother..."

Tom's solo show followed, and was a fantastic as always.