Thursday, April 17, 2014

June 11th Shantey Sing Venue... the Cellar Door!

"So here’s the scoop. Have you ever had a chance to sing a shantey in a real, below street level, 1800’s environment, complete with bricked over tunnels that led to the waterfront? Well, strap on your singing shoes and grease your tonsils for the second Wednesday, June  11th, shantey sing at 6 p.m. at the Cellar Door in Port Townsend. You can almost see Max Levy hanging out in the shandows while the employees of his “personnel department convince stragglers that they need to become a sailor.” The Cellar Door is a newcomer on the scene with music of all types, usually with no cover. 
If the Cellar Door likes what they see in June, we also have July penciled in. Families are welcome, and kids can be there until 10 p.m. They have a full menu and beverage bar. The Cellar Door entrance is across from The Palace Hotel on Tyler Street, although the address is given as Water Street. On the Cellar Door website click on the Gallery, which will give you a look at the interior. Steve Lewis would be proud! More laterrrrr. Double Aaaaaargh!" - Mike James